Sechelt Farm Collective

About Us

Here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, BC, we have a mild climate which means we can grow food almost year round.  Since 2017, the Sechelt Farm Collective has been connecting folks that want to support local agriculture with the farmers growing and producing it.

With the co-operation of our member farms we publish a weekly FRESH SHEET that lets you know what is available for that week.  You can purchase what ever you want, there is no set box amount and produce is 100% local from organic, sustainably run farms.

Our goal is to make eating healthy local food a priority, to shorten the supply chain, and to help grow a thriving agricultural sector right here at home.

Here are some link to some of our member farms
Waddling Duck Farmstead
Fleur Microfarm
Elk House Farm
Sunnycoast Fine Produce
The Farm
EATSWEST with Hagit and Mark
The Nine Acre Wood Farm
Faye's Farm
Hooray Truffles
Raincoast Agriculture
Halfmoon Honey
Sunshine Coast Lavender Farm

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where do I pick-up my order?
Orders are picked up at the farmstand of Waddling Duck Farm located at 5760 Mason Road in West Sechelt.  Pick up time is between 3-6pm every Thursday.

Is it free to subscribe to the FRESH SHEET   yes!

How can I pay?   When you order from our website, you can elect to pay cash at pickup day or with a credit/debit card.  

What kind of products can I buy?  organic produce, farm fresh eggs, fruits, flowers, baking, preserves ,honey, so long as it is produced on the Sunshine Coast you might find it on the weekly FRESH SHEET

How can I sell my own products through the Sechelt Farm Collective

Its easy to become a member of the Sechelt Farm Collective.   There is no membership fees or other obligations.   If you produce food locally in healthy and sustainable way, we can provide access to hundreds of potential customers every week.  As a supplier on the Sechelt Farm Collective, you would be given access to our online store where you can maintain your own catalog of products and set your own prices.   The SFC would retain a  portion of the sale amount to cover our costs that is much lower than traditional retail outlets.  As orders come in each week, you are automatically notified.  Orders for each supplier are collated on Tuesday and delivery is expected to our distribution location on Thursday mornings before the customer pickup in the afternoon.  Payment to suppliers is made immediately upon delivery.   Think of us as a Farmer's Market 2.0 but without the hassle of setting up tables and tents every week.  To learn more about how the Sechelt Farm Collective might help your farm or food business, please contact us at